Greenchairclay is the studio name of artists Randy Shoults who lives in Montgomery. AL. He has a BS in printmaking and photography from Troy State University and a MA in painting and ceramics from the University of Alabama. He has worked 14 years as a college art instructor, 25 years as an arts administrator and has recently returned full time to his studio. He is a bicycle rider and a music/movie/book lover.

He works primarily in clay but sometimes works in a combination of media. His work is about function, good design and unique use of color and texture. All work is made from very durable stoneware clay. All glazes are hand made and fired to cone 6. (2264F) Most work is done in a limited series but no two items are exactly alike. All work is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Work can be seen at

Montgomery Museum of Art Gift Shop

Montgomery, AL

Black Belt Treasures

Camden, AL